Friday, May 21, 2010

New site

hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that this site (henry's mommie) will no longer be in use.

my new site is

i hope you will add the site onto your lists and continue to follow us!!! the next couple weeks i will be setting up my new site. thanks so much for following the past couple years. i can't believe it has been that long.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

dental visit and proper language (edited, added info)

no i'm not talking about abc's show last night. although i did watch the part about the grocery clerk with down syndrome. i was glad to see people who didn't have a connection to ds stand up for the guy. i wondered what i would have done if i hadn't had henry. i would like to think i would have said something. i think i would have said something if anyone was treating anyone, regardless of having a disability or not, like that. everyone is a human being and doesn't deserve to be treated like that. having had henry, i would have had a hard time not decking the actors.

anyways, today henry had his first dental appointment. went great. his teeth and mouth are very healthy and look wonderful.

however, as i was filling out the paperwork before we went back there was a list of boxes to check. things such as does your child have- congential heart defect, heart murmur, seizures, etc. i then get to "mental handicap" and physical handicap." hmmm. i get this "those words are rubbing the wrong way" kind of feeling. and first let me say that i never get offended if people don't use the proper terms regarding anything. i was uneducated before henry and i can't expect anything different from someone who doesn't have a personal connection to someone with a disability. unless someone is being hurtful...then that's a different story.

but this is a dental office. it's a professional setting. shouldn't the proper words be used? so i'm thinking, do i say something? it's not a huge deal to me and i'm not a confrontational person, especially when i don't have to be. ;) also, this is our first visit. i don't want to come off as someone unpleasant. then on the other side if they have a problem with me saying something then this isn't the office for us. i call justin to get some info for the paperwork and run it by him. he thinks it's not the greatest words to use, either.

so what did i do? i put an arrow next to physical handicap and mental handicap and wrote in, "not the most up to date language to use." with a smile face. smiley faces make everything better. lol. i was looking at something in the office and watched the receptionist out of the corner of my eye go through the paperwork. she looked up, looked at henry and then looked back down at the paperwork. i'm assuming she saw. i also know the dentist and her assistant saw it as well because they discussed his heart defect which was in the same section. whether or not they change their forms who knows, but i gave it a little try. now if the word retarded had been used i probably would have actually said something or wrote in, "this is very offensive language, please do not use."

but what would you have done?

one of my comments reminded me i had done a post on peoples' first language so i thought i would post the link.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


clapping for himself. ;)

school worries

as i've metioned, before in the fall henry will be going to a mother's day out program for two year old's. it makes me quite nervous. he will be with all typical kids. i'm worried about him fitting in and if he'll be able to keep up.

i think henry does really well but once he starts school we will know how well he does. i know that he is delayed in areas but i also know at two there is such a wide variety of capabilities for all kids. i think as a parent of a child with special needs you want them to be at a level of his/her peers because it's easier on us. isn't it our own insecurities that is the real problem?

and it's not all worries related to down syndrome. HE'S MY BABY! haha. this is just the beginning of school and him growing and not being my little baby that i can protect. and yes he's ready, and quite frankly i'm ready. i love the kid but i need a break from him. ;) i know he will love it...but there is still a part of me that just doesn't want to even start this path. with him having down syndrome there is such a more intense need to protect him. it's one of those logic vs feelings kind of thing. logically, i know he will be fine. he will enjoy it, his teacher is excited to have him. the whole school is excited to have him. he will have friends. but feeling wise, i'm just scared.

yesterday i spoke with his speech therapist. i wanted to get some reassurance and to talk about things we could focus on more so since he is starting school. she thinks he is going to do great. she reminded me that at two there are kids who speaking full sentences and then there are kids who have one word. he follows direction well, he identifies things well. his speech has improved a lot lately and she thinks that he will being doing a lot more before school starts.

the only thing that bothers me is that he doesn't point. we try but he doesn't care. she said some kids just don't point. they don't care to and it takes them awhile. if i have objects in front of him and i ask for the horse, car, ball, etc...he gives it to me. but if we are looking at a book and i ask him to point or "where's the dog?" he won't do it. and if i point at an object for him to look at or give to me he knows what it means. to be honest i guess there's no need for him to point right now. if he wants something he goes and gets it.

you know, when you have a child with down syndrome you will hear over and over there is such a wide range of abilities. and that's true with any kid. the doctors will tell you that you won't know where he/she "lies in that range" until they are about preschool age. and you hope for the best. like i said, it's less work for you. everyone wants life to be easy as possible. do you wake up in the morning and say, "i really hope today is extremely hard and challenging?" probably not. it would be nice if the things we wanted were just handed to us. and i want things to be as easy as possible for henry, too. i don't want to see him struggle....anyways, the point is that we are approaching that age. that moment in time where we will see how he fits in with his typical peers.

that's a scary thing. and i know we will find our path, henry will grow and learn no matter what. i just hope we don't have to kick, scream, and scratch for everything we want for him. ;) but if we do, we do and we will. i want the best for him, and i want to do the best for him. which is difficult because nobody knows what that is for any kid. wouldn't it be nice if we all had a crystal ball to show us the future?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shooting hoops


Sunday, May 16, 2010

just some pics


Thursday, May 13, 2010

it's triplets!!!

just kidding! :) today was our level II ultrasound with a perinatologist. very emotional day but the baby seems to be typically developing. the doctor didn't pick up anything out of the norm. while the ultrasound isn't 100 percent for picking up birth defects or disorders, we have chosen to stop there.

the doctor pointed out all the organs. i saw all four chambers of the the heart working well. two hands, two feet, one head. the feet are not clubbed.

little oliver is very active and a kicker just like his big brother. yes, in case you missed it henry is having a brother! ;) we were slightly hoping for a boy. i think it will be really good for henry, and us for him to have a brother. we haven't decided on a middle name yet. for a nickname we will call him "ollie."

this day has been 20 weeks in the waiting. well more so than that. we've stressed since henry was born. ;) i feel like we crossed a hump today and the next one will be when oliver is born. today was a huge sense of relief. this pregnancy has been exceptionally worrisome and stressful. but today is a gift from God. it's time to be excited and move forward. whatever comes our way, comes our way. but i feel much more confident that this baby will enter this world and i will hold him in my arms. it's all just surreal in a lot of ways. i can't explain it.

thank-you for all the support and prayers you've given us and i hope that you continue to keep baby oliver in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

documentary about down syndrome

justin forwarded this onto me. at the 2010 tribeca film festival in new york, "monica and david" won the award for best documentary feature. it is a documentary about the life of a married couple with down syndrome. i don't know a whole lot about it since i haven't seen it, but am looking forward to its release in october on HBO. for more info check out the film's site- the trailer looks great!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

funky dream

last night i dreamt that we had our baby. i think it was a boy. but at two days he was sitting up, then all the sudden he was walking later that day and fell down the first flight of steps at my parents house. perfectly fine after the fall, i picked him up and put him back in his crib...only to find that i had twins! so crazy the things you dream. ;)

Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day pics

we had a very nice relaxing weekend this past weekend. the weather was crummy on sunday and i really didn't feel like doing too much. but saturday after church we went out to eat at a burger place i've been wanting to try. it was rather tasty. then we went and looked at baby stuff. i like to just walk around babies r us and toys r us sometimes and look at all the stuff they have for henry and now the baby.

sunday justin was going to make me breakfast but i was wanting biscuits and gravy- my favorite breakfast meal and he doesn't know how to make it. but he learned this sunday! ;) wish it was a little lower in calories because then i'd eat it all the time! and i asked justin if he would just help me out just getting the house clean. mostly clean the bathrooms. that to me is the best mother's day gift i could receive. so we spent a couple hours in the morning getting things straightened up and then headed to the park.

it was great because the whole day had been overcast and was suppose to rain. so noone was really at the park. the ducks were actually hungry. usually we try to feed them and they swim away. henry liked that until a goose bit him. i saw it coming and couldn't get to him in time. i think it scared him more than anything. no markings or redness. he cried for a bit, but it didn't keep him from feeding the ducks. then a goose tried to attack me. it started running after me and hissing. geese at any park are just mean.

later for dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs. my favorite, FAVORITE meal! we also had my girlfriend and her son over for dinner. her husband is a pilot and was out of town. she brought chocolate cake!!! yummy!

i hope all of you had a wonderful mother's day.

this rainbow was actually from a few days ago. it was the brightest rainbow i've ever seen. there were actually two right by each other, one arching over the next.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

henry's future wife

i just found out that miss ella grace will be fighting the fight of her life. she is headed towards luekemia treatment. please, please keep her and her family in all your hearts and prayers. we've had the wonderful pleasure of meeting ella and her family while they visited people here in texas. everytime i visit her page i see her adorable little face and just picture her and henry together as little sweet hearts. they would make the cutest couple i've ever seen, with their little rosy cheeks and blonde hair.

ella grace was born with Transient Myeloproliferative Disorder (transient leukemia). it is a condition that children with down syndrome are at an increased risk of having. (roughly 10% of all kids with down syndrome has transient luekemia) there is a 30 to 50 percent chance of the disorder progessing into leukemia.

check out my old post of the time henry met his future wife.

Friday, May 7, 2010

meeting the teacher

this morning, we all went to meet henry's teacher for the coming fall. i was nervous because this was going to be a different teacher than the one i had met back in january. if you remember henry was on a waiting list and then got in after they decided to open up another two's class. i imagine a child going to school for the first time is always a little nerve wrecking, especially when your child has ds and is going to an all typical class.

henry didn't want to do much of anything while we were there, which is not like him. he usually runs off and gets into trouble. today he stood by our side. i was hoping that he would show the teacher and other parents that he can do all the things the other kids were doing...but they will see that over time. there were definitely kids that were more advaced than henry speech wise. but a lot of boys in general are very delayed so i'm not too nervous about that. i actually overheard a couple moms talking about their kids being delayed in this or that which gave me a sense of relief. that is one great thing i've learned from taking henry to that many, MANY kids in general aren't great at everything. everybody has weaknesses and strengths. i just have to remember that and i need to look no further than my own coordination struggles! ;) let's just say gym class was a nightmare.

the teacher was very nice. i talked to her briefly. she has been teaching for quite awhile and started out teaching special education at a private school. in my head i'm thinking, "ding, ding...we have a winner." again a sense of relief. her degree is actually special ed.

later we went outside to the playground and henry was much more active then. climbed up the stairs and went down the slides. i don't think i've mentioned but he is starting to walk up and down (not crawl) the stairs while holding onto the railing. he does it all by himself. i just have to point sometimes to the next spindle to grab onto, but i don't have to hold him. today, he walked up the stairs on the play structure, holding onto the railing all by himself with no guidance.

anyways, i got to talk to a couple moms outside who were extremely nice. i really hope to meet some new families. that is the main reason i wanted him to get into our parish's pre-k program, to meet other families in our own parish. which reminds me i need to call the other church and tell them that henry will not be attending.

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and mother's day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Doing laundry

Below is a video of Henry doing laundry. For some reason he loves doing laundry. I think it's because he likes to put things in and out of containers. I try to sneak around doing the laundry because...well he slows me down and I don't want to spend 10 minutes putting clothes in. But he's getting quicker and he ends up sneaking up on me. And then there are times I am not in a rush and I let him help. Sometimes he puts dirty rags I have on the floor in the dryer while I'm trying to put clean clothes in it. His favorite part, however, is pushing the start button. Never saw a kid so excited about doing laundry. Hope it stays that way when he's 16 but some how I doubt that will happen.

Little update on language. Henry says ba-bye very clear now. He say hi dad now, too. For the longest time we were working on uh-oh and he would only do the uh part. He's finally adding the oh on it. His new thing is na-na-na for no no no while shaking his head- we're having so much fun with that one. ;)

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

it's never too early


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food cravings

My cravings are definitely different among pregnancies. With Henry I think the things that stood out were reubens, sherbert, oranges, and chocolate...especially chocolate covered peanuts. I liked sour things.

With this baby things that stand out are cereal, chewy candy, salty foods, especially sour cream 'n onion chips. The bad thing is I'll eat nothing but a specific item I crave and then I'll get sick of it. Lately, I've been cravings sub sandwiches but you are not suppose to eat them while pregnant. And yes I know I can heat them but it's just not the same.

Other differences. With Henry I just remember having really bad sciatic nerve issues and his body, probably his feet, jammed up my ribs. I had mild, very mild heartburn from time to time.

This pregnancy a lot more aches and pains. Heartburn is becoming an issue. I don't think my morning sickness was as bad with this baby. Sinus issues have been the worst. I just feel like I'm weaker if that makes sense. I suppose that is just from having another kiddo already.

Our new little one will be taking over the nursery when the time comes. We will move Henry into another bedroom. I think we will go for a sports theme. I'm not sure though. We have time to figure that out. I want to do something fun with the walls. Any ideas?

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

why are my children trying to kill me

i found my son henry at the top of the steps this morning.  yes he was teetering on the top step.  i heard him wake up on the monitor and he was fussy.  usually if he wakes up fussy he goes back down. well he fussed and then nothing.  the next thing i hear is something tumbling down the stairs and hitting the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.  i shoot up and THANK GOD, i see him standing at the top and not at the bottom.

i didn't even hear a thud from him getting out of his bedding- nothing!  needless to say, we will have two gates on our stairs.  my heart just stopped when i heard something falling down the stairs. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

18 weeks


i can hardly believe that it's been 18 weeks already, 22 more to go. this pregnancy has been more difficult both emotionally and physically.  i am feeling much better, though.  the sickness has subsided for the most part.  the only time i get sick is when i stress bad and my blood pressure goes up.  when my blood pressure goes up i get nauseous.  fortunately, those days are becoming less and less.  in two weeks we have a visit with a perinatologist to have a sonogram and check the baby's overall growth and make sure everything is developing properly.  i hope and think that i will have some major relief after this visit if all goes well.

i'm not going to lie.  the past few months have been challenging just dealing with what-ifs.  i can logically tell myself that this baby will make it and be born. chances are that will happen.  but emotionally i tell myself that there aren't any guarantees in life.  it's kind of odd.  it's almost as if the pregnancy hasn't fully dawned on us.  i don't think we'll believe it's going to happen until the baby is home safe and sound.  it's also hard because the past few years have been so intense and wrapped around henry.  i try to picture another child and it's rather difficult.  it won't be all about henry! ;)  which is going to be the best thing for henry and for us.

and being sick for so long doesn't help matters, either.  when you are sick for an extended period of time you just get down.  you add on taking care of a toddler during that and it isn't easy.  not feeling good and having to take care of and carry around a 35lb two year old is not easy! :)  plus, there's no drop henry off and g-ma's for a couple hours to get a break.  justin and i don't the luxury of family here and all our friends have kids of their own and are super busy.  but here and there i'm starting to feel like myself again and am enjoying doing things i just didn't feel like doing.  simply getting outside with henry and getting some fresh air really makes a difference.  for awhile i knew i wasn't being a great mom and the house was going to s*** and we were eating frozen pizzas more and more.  again, logically i tell myself- it's're pregnant...feeling poorly is temporary.  but emotionally i feel like a deadbeat. my body is definitely more achy and stressed from having to take care of henry as well.

i carry him upstairs to go to bed and i think i'm going to pass out.  he weighs a ton!  he's just a solid kid.  yesterday i was hurting really bad.  just cramping a lot and hurting from doing too much during the weekend i guess.  but sadly i don't feel like i'm overdoing it.  i can't imagine what it's going to be like when i'm towards the end of my last trimester.  we watched my girlfriend's son the other weekend and i picked him up. oh my was like picking up a feather.  it was so nice.  he's six months older than henry!  and i don't feel henry is overweight.  his weight and height are in line.  yes, he has a belly and chubby cheeks...but he's not rolly.  it'll be interesting when i'm even bigger.  luckily, i've only gained a couple pounds.  don't get me wrong i had too much to begin with and i'll probably blow up now that my appetite is kicking into high gear...but it's nice that i'm doing good right now.  

i do look forward to when this baby is here. i can't wait to see how the two interact.  i know it's going to be so great for all of us to have another little one.  henry will be going to school all day twice a week starting in august, which will be great!  we both need some space. lol.  henry is getting sick of justin and i.  therefore, i'll have some one-on-one time with the new baby. we are going to find out what we are having.  we do have our names picked out already.  we had them picked out before i even got pregnant.  i can't wait for the little baby clothes, the little feet and hands, the new baby smell...haha.  just something lightweight will be nice. lol.  i wish i could have a sonogram everyday and see the baby. that would be wonderful.  everytime i see him/her i feel so good afterwards.  and i don't know how most women do it.  with henry and this baby i am/was "high risk."  i had a lot of sonograms with henry and have had i think 4 already with this one.  most women just get two or three their entire pregnancy.  that would suck!  i don't know how they do it.  i would go nuts...well more nuts...i'm already there! ;)

in two weeks i will let you all know what we are having and what his/her name will be!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tire clueless

i come home from an aggravating grocery trip with henry.  walk in the door and justin says i have bad news, "my car didn't pass inspection because it needs new rear tires."

to which i reply, "UGH, what?"  "how much are they are?"

he tells me the price to which i reply, "WHAT!"  haha. i then go on to explain why i don't understand the price.  we just replaced all four of my tires and the cost of his two are about 3/4 the price of all four of mine.  i tell him, "your tires are smaller though, there's less tread and rubber. they should cost less!"  he just laughs and says that's not how it works.  you see, i have a jeep and he has a sedan.  my tires are huge! his are these thin small tires compared to mine. come on?!

then he goes into a speal about low profile tires, etc, etc...i just tune out- whatever! so apparently i don't know anything about tires. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

well into our toddler years- yikes!

not sure if i've mentioned henry's latest behavior. ;) we are well into our terrible two's.  he now like to throws tantrums when he doesn't want to do something.  if we are walking and he doesn't want to go the way i'm going, he simply buckles his knees and i have to drag him all while he's whining and screaming.  while grocery shopping now, if i'm taking too comparing products/prices he starts screaming.

he usually refuses to diaper changes now.  and i must say his pointy little heels don't feel good when they're hitting your leg/stomach.  sometimes he's refusing to feed himself.  he's pretty much doing all your typical "i don't have to listen to you" toddler stuff.  so now i tell justin henry is his and i'll focus on baby number two.

henry is so lucky he's cute is all i can say!